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5th Element represents Hip Hop in its entirety focusing on the culture in a positive manner based upon the founding fathers ideals which were peace love unity and having fun by showcasing the talent and creativity and giving a platform for that expression to be seen by the world in the immortal words of the great Biggie Smalls “if you don’t know now you know”…. 1,2,3,4…. 5th.

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OT FrumthaD

Born Kenny Smith raised in Detroit Michigan music has always been apart of his life heavily influenced by the culture of the Motown legacy and at a early age he started to gravitate to the HipHop community and in his 10th grade year of high school he moved to Las Vegas Nevada where he cultivated his skills in writing and music production since then he has performed in countless shows created music and founded the 5th Element HipHop and is currently A&R Director of FMEDIA CORP

DJ Slimm

Born in Detroit Michigan Dec 4 1976. Raised very closely to the Motown legacy his mothers 2nd cousin was Florence Ballard. Always into music. His family moved from Detroit to Las Vegas at a very early age. Started djing around 10 years old djing for the kids on the basketball court. First party was in Cali during first year in college. Came back to Vegas and Djed for HOUSE OF FLAVA. KCEP 88.1. 98.5 KLUC. MENTORED BY WARREN PEACE OF HIPHOP SITE.COM and has Djed for Busta Rhymes Jon B Christion Bobby Brown Geaople Tony Toni Tone Mystikal Strong Arm Steady Guilty Simpson Sugafree GOodie Mob DJ Quik Vivian Green and is currently the tour DJ for Father MC and his FMEDIACORP


Ramon A. Smith known professionally as RaSun aka RaScoop, is a podcast host and Instagram Personality. He is the co-host of two Las Vegas Podcasts, The 5th Element HipHop and The 420inVegas Podcasts. The 5th Element HipHop was voted The Best New HipHop Podcast in Las Vegas in 2022. Born in Italy and Graduating High School in Seoul, Korea RaSunz music Ear is well rounded.



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